Custom and modular square flanges

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Feb 6, 2018 6:26:14 PM

Expansion of the service thanks to the modular square flanges

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The new square flanges for servomotors and stepper motors will give Varvel's extensive offering greater modularity and will facilitate customization. At Hannover Messe the Varvel Group introduced a new range of customized square flanges designed to extend the scope for customization and make it easier than ever for customers to find the right solution to their needs. IEC flanges conform to the same standards all over the world, but no unified design parameters exist for stepper motor and brushless servomotor flanges. As a result the diameter of couplings varies from one production area to another and there is no global compatibility. This situation obviously makes the market for square flanges extremely complex. Some manufacturers with specific needs demand custom designs to match the motors they use, while others set about adapting conventional flanges, not always with excellent results.

The Varvel Group has been applying standardized design solutions to its entire product range for many years. Now, Varvel is introducing a new range of square flanges for servomotors, capable of guaranteeing perfect coupling to all the popular Varvel gearboxes. The new catalogue offers manufacturers all over the world a range of square flanges perfectly suited to all Varvel gearbox sizes that can be coupled to common brushless servo- motors and stepper motors. The new flanges will be available in sizes from 28 to 110 (corresponding to Varvel's small and medium gearboxes) and made from anodized aluminium in conformity to the functional and stylistic standards of the Varvel product range.

Availability of a completely customizable range

This latest addition to the Varvel catalogue underscores the importance of modularity to Varvel. By permitting new coupling options, it will also improve the level of Varvel service. By simplifying configuration and coupling, the new flanges will improve competitiveness and allow manufacturers to offer packaged solutions based on perfectly integrated components, ready for use on end user machines.

The new flanges are further confirmation of the in-depth knowledge that only a company with decades of experience and a commitment to innovation can apply to the international market in general and to mechanical engineering sectors in particular. 


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