In-line helical gearboxes and gearmotors

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We all know that gearboxes and gearmotors are essential components in the mechanical industry. These mechanical gear transmissions are designed to transfer the motion from a motor to the machine to which they are applied, to reduce the speed and adapt it to the most diverse operating requirements.

In-line helical gearboxes and gearmotors, also called helical speed reducers, are commonly employed for a wide variety of industrial applications because of their intrinsic features of strength, reliability and efficiency.

One of the most common sectors that use gearmotors of this type is the automotive industry, where these mechanical transmissions are found throughout the production process. They are also used in the beverage industry to handle bottles and packaging and to fill containers, in logistics and intralogistics, to drive the goods storage, selection and supply processes, in airports for baggage handling, and the medical sector even in surgical or diagnostic devices.

More in general, gearmotors have very wide-ranging applications and are used in an array of activities in industrial production, to actuate conveyors, lift and lower loads, and handle the most diverse goods in different types of systems.

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Advantages of in-line helical gearboxes and geramotors                                                               

In-line helical gearboxes and gearmotors typically have a monolithic structure, which is extremely rigid by nature.

This is a fundamental feature for products like these that must be able to withstand very high loads without deforming and always guarantee the best performance. At the same time, the internal shape of a helical gearbox or gearmotor is structured so that the flow of lubricant can reach every single moving part and maintain high-level performance during use.

Correct lubrication guarantees a significant reduction in the noise during use and, at the same time, promotes the tightness of the transmission.

Other advantages to be added include the characteristic very low maintenance required by this type of product and total operating reliability.

Compactness, versatility and excellent quality/price ratio complete the picture of these mechanical transmissions suitable for the heaviest of applications.


RD series in-line helical gearboxes: the excellence of Varel production  

 Varvel RD Series in-line helical gearboxes are characterized by high efficiency and a special modular structure designed to cut operating and maintenance costs. The entire RD series is manufactured according to ISO design standards with the aid of a structural analysis program for strain and stress verification that confirms the strength of the monolithic structure of the product.

Available in versions with foot or flange, in seven different sizes and with two or three pairs of gears, they consist of the following main components:

  • Inlet and outlet seal rings made of NBR
  • Housing and covers made of die-cast aluminum (up to size 4) and gray cast iron (for sizes 5 and 6)
  • Ball or tapered roller bearings
  • Die-cast aluminum inlet flanges
  • Elastic motor coupling
  • Case-hardened and tempered alloy steel gears
  • Synthetic oil for lifetime gear lubrication

The advantages of Varvel in-line helical gearboxes include wide versatility of use, long service life, high efficiency and considerable resistance to stress.

The applications of these mechanical transmissions include the food-processing industry with the use of special lubricants and silicone seal rings, low friction and specific performances for high/low temperatures and the chemical and maritime industry with special paint and anodizing treatments. The ATEX version means they can be used in potentially explosive environments and atmospheres.

Equally noteworthy is the coupling hub that Varvel has developed for the connection between gearboxes and motors (IEC, NEMA, BRUSHLESS, STEPPER). This flexible solution is an interesting alternative to the key coupling and does not increase the overall dimensions of the gearmotor.

Various types of motors can be installed simply by changing the connection flange. More than one hundred servomotor flanges designed for installation on Varvel gearboxes are available to date.

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