Parallel shaft gearboxes and gearmotors

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Like all gearboxes and gearmotors, the parallel shaft units are fundamental assets for the most diverse applications in the mechanical industry. Compact in size yet powerful, they work to convey the motion of a motor to the machine on which they are fitted, reducing the speed and adapting it to specific functional requirements.

The great flexibility and versatility of use makes parallel shaft gearboxes and gearmotors ideal for applications in various industries, and virtually wherever movement is needed. Typical examples include intralogistics and constructions.

All details of the components are carefully sized to allow either horizontal or vertical positioning. The compact footprint makes the units perfect for construction applications in small housings that are in very high demand in today's industrial processes.

However, it is important to note that a smaller footprint does not mean less power. On the contrary, parallel shaft gearboxes and gearmotors are strong, dynamic, and very reliable mechanical transmissions that can be an excellent investment for companies because of their inherent ability to make operations more efficient and their very simple maintenance requirements.

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The Varvel RN parallel shaft gearbox range

Varvel offers superior quality parallel shaft gearboxes, characterized by high efficiency and remarkable flexibility of use, inherent in their modular design.

The Varvel RN series parallel shaft gearbox range comes in six different sizes with two or three pairs of gears. Maximum torque output is 3,400 Nm with gear ratios ranging from 6:3:1 to 710:1.

The main components of the RN parallel shaft gearboxes include:

  • Housing and covers made of die-cast aluminum (up to size 3) and gray cast iron (for sizes 4, 5, and 6)
  • Universal housing for foot or flange mounting
  • Ball or tapered roller bearings
  • Elastic coupling for motor connection
  • Input flanges for IEC, NEMA, or servomotors
  • Alloy, case-hardened and tempered steel gears with a ground or shaved profile
  • Input and output seal rings made of NBR
  • Synthetic oil for lifetime gear lubrication

Choosing a Varvel RN series unit has many advantages. High efficiency is guaranteed while keeping down operating and maintenance costs but, importantly, the product is very reliable with long service life. Other benefits include the extreme ease of installation and maintenance and the remarkable quiet operation.

Varvel also offers several special solutions for various application sectors and for Nema motors and servomotors, such as high-speed seal rings, special anodizing and paint finishes, food-grade lubricants, ATEX versions, hollow output shaft with cotter or shrink disc, full output shaft with one or two protruding ends, shafts in inches. All this is completed by a wide range of accessories carefully selected to meet the most diverse needs.

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