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Waving flag of Italy, Europe.jpegThe mechanical sector is been one of the most important for Made in Italy production. It exports alone more than € 44 billion in 2015, increasing compared to the previous years. It woks more than the food, the fashion and design sectors. There are more than 6 thousand Eutopean patent applications in the mechanical and transport field that come from Italy (2011-2014). The mechanical sector has success in the most important markets and in for the main world importers (like UK, USA, Germany, France, China) and the new markets, like Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Poland.

Made in Italy: history of mechanical industry

Between 1800s and 1900s the Italian mechanical industry had a great development, specializing mainly in engines and in agricultural and textile machines. At the end of the First World War, the itlian industrial development duffer a sudden arrest, but in 1920s a good reorganization was archiedev, so much so that at the Second World War, despite the problems after the crisis of '29, it managed to be sufficient for the internal needs, and so mechanical products start to be exported.

The full success of this industrial sector in exports began after the Second World War. IN fact, there were no serious industrial damages in Italy that were encountered in other countries, and thanks to the american aid, a great recovery was possible. In fact, raw materials were found in italy at low cost, and this made the productions very competitive on the foreign market. The highest level of exports involved office machines and hardware. Mechanical exports accounted for 21% of the total value. 

Since 1970, competition has become harsher, due to new technologies, but the Italian metalworking industry has managed to confirm itself solid and reliable. The investments, after an initial moment of uncertainty, have returned to be important and aimed at the productivity of capital and labor. The current global competitors are the United States, Germany and Japan, but through the complex processes of reconversion and restructuring the quality of the Italian offer is unrivaled.

Competitiveness and quality of Made in Italy

Italy is among the five countries in the world that can boast a manufacturing trade surplus of more than 100 billion dollars, and in the last ten years, exports have increased by 16.5%. One of the key sectors of this success is the machinery industry. Out of 496 products, Italian mechanics are on the podium for commercial activity abroad in 235 cases.

In 2017, a survey conducted by IPSOS highlighted that Italy is one of the best-known countries in the world, it is third after the United States and Great Britain by level of notoriety, and this is due to Italian history and the cultural and artistic heritage linked to our country, but also to competence, creativity and uniqueness in many areas.

Italy manages to compete globally with countries with a more precise organization, with a much larger presence of large groups. Leader in creativity, innovation, quality, design, with a great industrial craftsmanship, is able to provide foreign customers with made-to-measure products.
We are fourth in Europe for research and development spending, and yet in reality the potential of our country can not be quantified, because many companies carry out innovation studies on products to develop adaptations and customizations.

Ecological attention in Italian factories

One of the more interesting point of Italian industry is green reconversion. During the crisis in 2009, it was one of the most profitable investment areas, which brought competitive advantages, innovation and turnover. Choosing to produce and consume in the respect of the environment and investing in these resources, offers competitiveness and a possibility of development that is unparalleled, and this is the choice that Italian industries are making. Also Varvel has committed ecological developments throughout the gearboxes production Made in Italy.

Why do you choose gearboxes made in Italy?

The quality of the Italian mechanical industry is objective and globally recognized, but there are specific reasons for choice the Varvel gearboxes. Here are some:

1) Attention to details: Italians have many flaws, but at work they devote all the attention to details. Choosing any Italian product means choosing the certainty of an article studied and perfected in details, tested, a gearbox of great quality because it has an history, but also innovative, safe for the environment. Varvel pays attention to all stages of its processing, succeeding so to bring to customers articles that has been specialized in the smallest details. They have 20 years of quality certification, which answer at the requirements of the standard, meeting customer expectations and ensures organizational continuity during change management projects (very frequent change processes in varvel because the innovation brings continuos evolutions).

2) Ecosustainability: Since 2001 Varvel has been certified for the environmental system, with the aim of satisfying the applicable legislative framework and identifying the characteristics that have a potential environmental impact and minimizing the consequences. In 2010 it also installed a photovoltaic system that covers 20% of the production energy needs. The rest of the electricity required is obtained with a plus with certification of origin from renewable sources. Therefore, the 100% of the energy needs are devolved intently to renewable energies, with a saving of 900 tons of CO2 per year. (for more information see article How to limit energy consumption thanks to the advantages of using the gearboxes)

3) Safe raw materials: Italy has the most accurate and strict system of controls in the world, the raw materials used by companies must reflect the quality of traditions. Of every certified product made in Italy it is possible to trace the origin in a simple and direct way, and this is one of the biggest demonstrations of fidelity of the industrial production. Varvel has decided to keep the entire production department in Italy, precisely to safeguard the competitiveness and experience of made in italy, and the quality of its gearboxes and to be able to control its perfection.

4) Creativity and Personalization: Italian companies are open to any new idea, and try to follow the customer deepening its needs to provide a perfect product and perfectly adaptable to its needs. Italian engineers studiy the possibilities to offer numerous alternatives, all qualitatively valid, the modularity of gearboxes certificated Made in Italy is evidence of this. Research, design and customizzation are the basis of the Varvel gearbox offer, which engages in innovative studies for international projects recognized by the European community. (for more information see article System customization thanks to the modularity of gearboxes)

5) Identity: history is recognized,experience in production of gearboxes Made in Italy is one of the key points of the reliability. There is no problem that has not already been presented, Italian companies have long stories and traditions and know how to deal with any unexpected in a responsible and fast way, to provide the customer with all the support they need. Varvel with its gearboxes has been present since 1955 in the Bologna area, to date 65% of its production is destined for the international market.

6) Competition and guarantee: Italian articles are likely to cost more than others, however the price increase is equal to the increase of the quality improvement and associated services! In fact, the Made in Italy certification does not stop at the value of the finished product, but extends to all customer service, assistance in case of problems and warranty in case of defects. The profit obtained by buying certified products made in Itay is not quantifiable. Furthermore, quality is also closely linked to the choice of professionally trained, experienced personnel whose work is safe and regulated. Every gear in the production chain has treated the product in a unique and accurate way, and consumers pay a little more for this type of quality. This is the goal of Varvel, which makes available to the customer about 200 skilled workers, both for the pre that for the after sales. The customization of gearboxes is one of the most important characteristic of Varvel.

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