How to monitor the efficiency of machinery through gear vibrations

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Apr 5, 2018 5:51:42 PM

Gears are critical components of industrial gearbox but they are also the fundamental components for making the machine work. It is very important that they work perfectly, as intended or your entire operation could come to a halt. Gearboxes, while tough, are sensitive machines prone to failure if not properly maintained. These machines are often subjected to extreme stress and high temperatures. As a result, even the smallest misalignment could be deleterious, so it is recommended to prevent breakdowns through continuous monitoring.

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Varvel technology at the service of clean energy

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Jan 16, 2018 10:15:49 AM

Gearbox innovative applications for the wind and photovoltaic of high-tech solutions for industry

Research into alternative energy as a way of reducing impact on the environment is one of the pillars in the mission of the Varvel Group. Varvel places similar emphasis on the development of advanced technology applications for use in the field of renewable energy. Use of gearboxes in wind and photovoltaic sector is a gret idea that let to have a great increase in energy development.

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Tags: environmental sustainability, wind and photovoltaic sector, gearbox efficiency

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