How OEMs can benefit from gearbox customization

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Apr 16, 2018 4:35:30 PM

Do you produce industrial machinery and are you looking for gearboxes that do not create problems and that can be adapted to your needs to give more authority to your market?

There is a whole series of customizations and adaptations that can be demanded by a gearbox, because the goal is the final machine, and the characteristics that must have as a component must be adaptable and conform to the overall technical and practical requirements.

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Gearboxes in glass and ceramic industry

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Jan 30, 2018 1:10:47 PM

The glass and ceramic manufacturing industries are steeped in craftsmanship and employ highly skilled labour. They have also modernized over the years, introducing more and more automation in order to boost production capacity.

The machines involved in glass and ceramic production processes must be able to operate with only a minimum of down time for maintenance and repairs. This can only be achieved through the use of reliable, high performance drive systems capable of guaranteeing the continuous production needed to satisfy demand, that can be adapted and customized (for more information see article System customization thanks to the modularity of gearboxes).

Thanks to the range of technologically advanced, reliable and easily implemented reducers in the various automatic solutions, Varvel is the ideal supplier for machinery manufacturers for the glass and ceramics industries. Varvel’s high-tech gearboxes are extremely achieved and ideal for applications in process automation. Varvel is therefore the preferred supplier to many constructors of production machinery for the glass and ceramic industries. 

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The gearboxes production Made in Italy

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Jan 26, 2018 6:05:34 PM

The mechanical sector is been one of the most important for Made in Italy production. It exports alone more than € 44 billion in 2015, increasing compared to the previous years. It woks more than the food, the fashion and design sectors. There are more than 6 thousand Eutopean patent applications in the mechanical and transport field that come from Italy (2011-2014). The mechanical sector has success in the most important markets and in for the main world importers (like UK, USA, Germany, France, China) and the new markets, like Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Poland.

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