How OEMs can benefit from gearbox customization

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Apr 16, 2018 4:35:30 PM

Do you produce industrial machinery and are you looking for gearboxes that do not create problems and that can be adapted to your needs to give more authority to your market?

There is a whole series of customizations and adaptations that can be demanded by a gearbox, because the goal is the final machine, and the characteristics that must have as a component must be adaptable and conform to the overall technical and practical requirements.

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VARfast: assembling solutions that come in a flash!

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Feb 21, 2018 3:45:44 PM


Sometimes, technical problems and breakdowns interrupt the working day. Gearboxes are fundamental components in industrial production and must always work as efficiently as possible. When there are problems with one of these machines, you risk losing a lot of time and blocking the entire production process, with headaches and enormous difficulties. Solving the defect can become the sole purpose of the week, looking for spare parts available in the shortest possible time, to meet deadlines and shipments.

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Innovation Varvel: the FLEXIBLE COUPLING for gearboxes

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Feb 8, 2018 5:27:47 PM

Do you have the store full of spare parts and you break the only gearbox that you dont' have stocks? Here is the solution for you! 
Do yout customers need different gearboxes to connect to different engine and you have to design a special production to satisfy everyone?
Have you ever heard of the flexible coupling?

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Tags: customization, modularity, square flanges, flexible coupling

Custom and modular square flanges

Posted by Marketing Varvel on Feb 6, 2018 6:26:14 PM

Expansion of the service thanks to the modular square flanges

The new square flanges for servomotors and stepper motors will give Varvel's extensive offering greater modularity and will facilitate customization. At Hannover Messe the Varvel Group introduced a new range of customized square flanges designed to extend the scope for customization and make it easier than ever for customers to find the right solution to their needs. IEC flanges conform to the same standards all over the world, but no unified design parameters exist for stepper motor and brushless servomotor flanges. As a result the diameter of couplings varies from one production area to another and there is no global compatibility. This situation obviously makes the market for square flanges extremely complex. Some manufacturers with specific needs demand custom designs to match the motors they use, while others set about adapting conventional flanges, not always with excellent results.

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