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In questa sezione pubblichiamo tutti gli aggiornamenti sulle nostre iniziative e tutte le novità sulla nostra gamma di riduttori.


Custom and modular square flanges

Expansion of the service thanks to the modular square flanges The new square flanges for...

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Guide complet sur les reducteurs de vitesses les plus frèquentes

Dèfinition: qu'est ce qu'un rèducteur de vitesse? Les réducteurs de vitesses (boîtes de...

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Gearboxes in glass and ceramic industry

The glass and ceramic manufacturing industries are steeped in craftsmanship and employ highly...

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The gearboxes production Made in Italy

The mechanical sector is been one of the most important for Made in Italy production. It exports...

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The importance of gearboxes in farming - Cattle 

Cattle and goats The intensive breeding of milking animals (cattle and goats) offers a series of

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The importance of gearboxes in farming - Poultry

Poultry breeding Gearboxes are used in countless industrial sectors, thanks to their versatility...

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The development of the customization of worm gearboxes

The possibility to customize the components of worm gear reducers allows an optimization of...

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System customization thanks to the modularity of gearboxes

The gearboxes as a strategic component in the customization of machinery Every industrial sector...

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Varvel technology at the service of clean energy

Gearbox innovative applications for the wind and photovoltaic of high-tech solutions for industry

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Complete guide to the most common types of gearboxes

Gearboxes have always been considered essential components in the mechanic world, their success...

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