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How to save and increase the efficiency of your machinery thanks to the helical gearboxes

An increasing trend across industrial plants in all sectors has been to reduce costs by replacing...

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How to monitor the efficiency of machinery through gear vibrations

Gears are critical components of industrial gearbox but they are also the fundamental components...

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Gearboxes in chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Gearboxes are also used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and manage the speed,...

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Innovation Varvel: the FLEXIBLE COUPLING for gearboxes

Do you have the store full of spare parts and you break the only gearbox that you dont' have...

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Custom and modular square flanges

Expansion of the service thanks to the modular square flanges The new square flanges for...

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Guide complet sur les reducteurs de vitesses les plus frèquentes

Dèfinition: qu'est ce qu'un rèducteur de vitesse? Les réducteurs de vitesses (boîtes de vitesses)...

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The gearboxes production Made in Italy

The mechanical sector is been one of the most important for Made in Italy production. It exports...

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The importance of gearboxes in farming - Cattle 

Cattle and goats The intensive breeding of milking animals (cattle and goats) offers a series of ...

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The importance of gearboxes in farming - Poultry

Poultry breeding Gearboxes are used in countless industrial sectors, thanks to their versatility...

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The development of the customization of worm gearboxes

The possibility to customize the components of worm gear reducers allows an optimization of their...

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